Digital Strategy - Digidec

A strong and focused Digital Strategy is key to achieving measurable results on-line.

The most important aspect is to apply the foundations of traditional marketing and creative branding to Digital Strategy.

This includes developing a strong Value Proposition, creating compelling Calls to Action and crafting a unique on-line brand identity.

I work on Digital Strategy with clients using 6 key steps :-

  1. Situational Analysis – understanding your brand and its competitive environment.
  2. Objective Setting – what do you want to achieve ?
  3. Strategy formulation – how are we going to use branding and digital marketing to achieve the objectives.
  4. Tactics – applying a unique set of digital and social platforms to achieve objectives
  5. Actions – who does what and how do they do it (the nitty gritty of strategy)
  6. Control – measure results, tweek strategy and contine.

I have recently completed a comprehensive Digital Strategy for an Irish distribution company that included a web re-build, SEO, Social Media integration with new Hosting from

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