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Brand Voice

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As brands move to Social Media as their prime focus for Marketing Strategy, it is vital to create a strong ‘Brand Voice’ to position and communicate values to Prospects.

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Brand Values

Traditional marketing always focused on the Brand Manual as the framework on which to hang a brand: positioning, core brand values and brand promise.  These are still as important today but when using Social Media we must add another dimension – Brand Voice – a new element that communicates the personality and all the good things in the brand manual across your selected Digital Platforms.


Show your Personality

So what exactly is your Digital Brand Voice?  Think of your on-line brand as a live and animate person with a unique personality, age and sex, an accent, interest and hobbies, passions and desires.  When you think of your partner or best friend – you can instantly call to mind their personality.  You need to digitally replicate this experience for your brand to succeed on line.


You talking to me ?

Research your target markets for your products – who do you want to sell to?    Then using Google Adwords, create a keyword list that shows the words and phrases that both you and your targets use.   What will your prospective customers search for and how will you be found?


How do you sound ?

This is one of the most distinct things about a person – how they talk and what they say! On line it relates to Digital Copy but also Video Content.  Is your approach to your customer relaxed and intimate (coffee shop or pizzeria) or professional and informative (Solicitor or Tax Adviser).  This approach will influence the words you use and how you use them.  A brilliant way to establish your Brand Voice is through regular Blogging.  This is also great for your SEO.


What you look like!

Choose your brand name, logos and avatars with care as they should be with you a long time.  It will be tricky and time consuming to change your brand name in the future as some channels will require a complete new set up and there is the risk that you could lose valuable brand equity (likes and followers) on the way.  Do some work on the phycology of colour as colour gives strong visual signals relating to strength, trust, creativity, authority etc.  Apply brand colour across all channels and take care in the sizing and format of your logos.  Also, choose one font type and use for all your visuals and marketing collateral.  Fonts themselves can be either masculine or feminine, serious or fun so choose with care.  This is essentially ‘how you dress’ in the real world.  Has this person (brand) taken care in how they look and presented themselves?   Are they professional and trustworthy?




Who you hang out with!

The old adage of ‘you can judge a person by their friends’ was never more true than in the world of Digital.   Develop and foster quality relationships across your channels (likes, follows, +1’s etc.) Why not track down ‘Twitter Lists and followers’ of brands that you admire in your business space – there’s nothing stopping you ‘hanging out’ with them too!  We’ve all done a ‘friend rob’ at some time haven’t we?


Where you go to do business!

The Digital Channels you work with are the places you do business on line.  Remember to try and pick suitable places to meet your clients and close the deal.  If you are a Creative (artist, designer, crafter) people will expect to meet you on Pinterest , Instagram and maybe Etsy along with the usual Twitter and Facebook.  If you are an accountant I would expect to meet up with you on LinkedIn.com but I would be confused if I came across you on Snapchat!    Get the idea?


All work and no play makes your brand a dull brand!

In developing your brand voice, don’t overdo it on the hard sell.  You should give about 80% of your content to enhancing and enriching your relationship with your customers and prospects.   Share quality information and show beautiful imagery – inform and entertain.  Allow your customers see your interests and passions – deepen your relationship with them.  Align yourself with a charity or cause.  Also, remember the best dinner party etiquette – always avoid politics and religion!


So . .

I hope you found some handy tips to create a strong Brand Voice.  Have you any tips you would like to share ?  I’d love to hear from you!

Drop me a line if you would like to talk about Brand Voice !

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